The Process

When you make the decision to have The Last Word  pre-write your obituary, you assure that you have the last word on your life. In addition, you relieve your family of that responsibility upon your death. Thank you for considering the option of a pre-written obituary.


When we meet, you will complete a basic information form. This is followed by an interview during which you share the stories, priorities, and highlights of your life. Within two weeks of our interview, you will be given a draft of your obituary. After you've had time to review the document we will meet again to put the final touches on the obituary to assure that you have the last word on your life. Complimentary updates to your obituary are available as needed. Copies of your obituary will be sent to you and, should you desire, your next of kin and any funeral home with which you have made arrangements.

Our goal at The Last Word is to share the story of your life in an obituary that uses an economy of words to communicate the essence of you. The fee for this service is $200 for an obituary of 600 words or less payable upon your receipt of the draft of your obituary. Please note that this fee does not include costs incurred when the obituary is submitted to newspapers, periodicals, or other publications.

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